Goal-Finder Testimonials

Agnes Kordas, Manager

Goal-Finder is a great tool to refocus you on your priorities in areas of your life, where you feel challenged. The tool is online, which is great, this way you can use it anywhere. You can pause and save the survey; this way you can take all the time you need to fill in the questionnaire. In case you decide to do it at once, take at least two hours for completion. The tool combines questions with guided meditation sessions, which is a great way to go deep in your thinking process. After having done the survey, I feel much more motivated and refocused on my priorities and I would recommend it to anyone, who needs more motivation to deal with an obstacle in their life.

Martina Hofer-Moreno, Lean HR-Expert and business owner of ERFOLGSSPUR

What keeps us moving towards our goals? What issues (still) slow us down on the way there? The UP’N’CHANGE Goal-Finder offers heart and brain an interactive journey of discovery, including more clarity and emotional connection. Both keep the personal wheel of life in motion, professionally and privately. Bonus: the results report with helpful tips for future steps and reflections.

Change to Success.