For tomorrow’s champions

Identify risks and potentials with quick, digital checks and increase efficiency and productivity in the company:

Make sustainable progress with the position assessment

The Impact-Enabler identifies hidden risk areas blocking human capital and clearly shows you unleashed potential and the path to strengthening essential skills. Using digital tools that have been proven over many years, we quickly reveal blind spots. After all, you cannot optimize what you don’t know. In our hybrid approach, we proceed in the Impact-Enabler in 5 steps as follows:

  • Motivation and mission clarification with management and the HR team
  • Concrete offer for your organization by UP’N’CHANGE
  • Conduction of the Impact-Enabler after the order by the organization in 5 steps:
    • 1. Digital Impact-Check to evaluate essential skills for more impact in the organization
    • 2. Digital Stress Type-Check to evaluate the stress typologies in the organization and the relevant teams
    • 3. Digital InnoSparker to identify barriers to creativity & innovation among team members and in the organization
    • 4. Management workshop with presentation of the executive results including aggregated benchmarks and identification of risk areas
    • 5. Development and summary of next steps tailored to the needs of your organization to address the identified development areas and potentials

Why the Impact-Enabler?

Companies lose an enormous amount of time, productivity and money due to unnecessary friction losses. Stress, employee dissatisfaction, absenteeism due to illness and conflicts in teams hinder efficient, creative and productive work. Today’s managers waste up to 50% of their time resolving conflicts.

We have effective solutions

When friction losses reduce performance, UP’N’CHANGE helps you improve. We empower organizations to succeed with the Impact-Enabler. And the company benefits:

Gains up to 50% of time
Saves up to 19% of company costs
Significantly increases employee engagement
Achieves sustainable success

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