InnoSparker Basic

€ 1,980.00 exkl. MWSt

1 package of 20 InnoSparker uses for corporate customers (1 use at EUR 99, – excluding VAT)

InnoSparker to evaluate the creativity potential of individual employees or teams and the general conditions of their organizational environment

Product description

Are you looking for new ideas? Your company lacks innovative strength? The InnoSparker easyTest helps you to recognize your innovation potential and to bring new ideas to the table.

What do you get with the InnoSparker?

  • You get to know your creativity and innovation potential in the form of a value.
  • You recognize your creative strengths.
  • You understand your development needs.
  • You can use the benchmarks to compare yourself with the best.
  • You gain specific insights into where to start.
  • You reduce complexity and can identify your priorities in developing competencies.
  • You can track the change over certain periods of time.