Open job position: Sales Champion

Job Title: Sales Champion (fractional possible)
Department: Sales
Location: Vienna, Austria


Change in workplace dynamics, especially accelerated by COVID causes employees enormous stress
and conflict, resulting in a significant waste of time and money as well as loss of productivity.
UP’N’CHANGE is the first aid toolkit to equip the workforce with essential emotional skills to navigate
workplace challenges and relieve stress. We are an HR tech company offering a scalable online
platform with efficient problem resolution & leadership tools to develop necessary personal, social
and creative competences.

Job Summary

We need a passionate and hands-on sales personality capable of

  • delivering revenue by selling usage packages to business customers,
  • keeping and nurturing a long-term relationship between the brand and the customers whilst adhering to the company’s policies,
  • ensuring an effective working relationship with the managing directors,
  • evolve and help to define the sales process to determine the best way to reach out,
  • being prepared to do initial footwork (further personnel only after sales success).

The principal responsibilities include

  • responsible for identifying and creating new contacts & users
  • responsible for developing sales strategies for scaling
  • responsible for Conversion Rate Optimization (effectively, how do we increase the percentage of website visitors and then convert them to leads and customers)
  • responsible for CRM
  • responsible for running drip mail campaigns

Target audience (buyers)

Focus: managers (CEO, heads, HR)
Countries: focus DACH
Companies: mid-sized and large companies
Life Cycle: first step, first aid in conflict crisis and team work, developing personal & social skills, complementing recruiting

Success Criteria

  • delivery of customers and revenue according to business plan
  • CRM via HubSpot
  • ideas for nurturing drip mail campaigns

Key Contacts (Internal/External)

CEOs and CFOs

Necessary mindset

  • an extrovert who loves to contact and talk to people
  • persistent in follow-up of leads
  • hands on
  • just gets it done
  • enjoys sales challenges


Preferred: specialization or further qualification in digital sales or equivalent track record in digital sales.


  • solid experience in sales functions in an international environment with a track record in competitive markets
  • experience in the B2B sales environment with analog and digital sales
  • preferred: HR affinity and a good HR network

Language requirements

German: fluent spoken and written (to connect in the DACH region)

English: fluent spoken and written


This position is provision based & equity (based on KPIs) only until funds can be raised. This is a unique opportunity to participate in building a promising HR tech startup as it builds a global presence in #GrowSustainableLeadership.

If interested:

Please send your detailed CV and application to Barbara Joshua (CFO) at [email protected] (subject CSO). We’e looking forward to complement our team with your know-how and ideas and to rocket our sales!